VVB Shirts & Tops

Shirts & Tops

From crisp cotton shirting with raw edges and high collars, to lightweight printed shirts, VVB shirts and tops pair easily with tailoring, denim or their coordinating counterparts.

Collection Products

Off-the-shoulder Top in Emerald Green Check
Flounce-hem Shirt in Emerald Green Check
Oversized Shirt in Pink Lipstick Print
Cropped Raw-edge Shirt in Cherry Blossom Pink
Oversized Layered-detail Shirt in White
Oversized Bib-detail Shirt in White
Upcycled Tie-Neck Lace Panel Shirt in White
Tie-back Striped Top in Cherry Blossom Pink
Oversized Bib-detail Shirt in Oxford Blue
Blouson Sleeve Shirt in Daisy White
Blouson Sleeve Shirt in Ballet Pink
Scarf-detail Shirt in Comic Book Eye Print
Tie-sleeve Top in Oxford Blue